Stéphane Gosselin
Executive director
Quebec Oil and Gas Association
Since September 2010
Chief of Staff
Minister of Economic Development,
Innovation and Export Trade
(Mr. Clement Gignac)
February - September 2010
¾ Advised the minister regarding policy files of the department. Maintained links with
the deputy minister so as to meet the commitments of the department and of the
government. Directed a team composed of policy advisors and secretarial staff.
Oversaw respect of deadlines and obligations as set out in departmental regulations.
Piloted departmental legislative dossiers to be submitted to the National Assembly.
Planned media events for the minister. Developed and designed tools to support the
minister during parliamentary business. Met individuals and organizations calling
upon the minister in regard to his responsibilities, ascertained and defined their
expectations, and conducted follow-up.
Chief of Staff
Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs
(Mr. Pierre Corbeil)
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May 2009 – February 2010
Vice-president communications, sensitization and education
January 2009 – May 2009
¾ Responsible for communications for the public corporation. Maintained links to the
media and various partners associated with recycling and recovery.
Chief of Staff
Minister for Natural Resources and Fauna
(Mr. Claude Béchard)
Minister for Sustainable Development,
Environment and Parks (Mr. Thomas J. Mulcair
and Mr. Claude Béchard)
April 2007 – February 2008
October 2005 - April 2007
Press Attaché and Deputy Director of Cabinet
Minister for Education, Leisure and Sport
(Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier)
February 2005 – October 2005
Minister for Municipal Affairs, Sport and
(Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier)
April 2003 - February 2005
¾ Maintained media relations. Planned and coordinated media events and tours for
the minister, and government announcements for the department. Developed a
network of contacts within the Quebec and Canadian media. Developed publicity
and visibility plans. Approved content and form of department documents. Worked
with the public service to put into effect departmental goals.
Parliamentary Wing, Liberal Party of Quebec
1999 - 2003
¾ Oversaw research in regard to municipal and environmental affairs, sports and
leisure, as well as for files concerning large urban centres. Participated in
preparations for question period, assisted members during parliamentary
commissions. Maintained links with groups, organizations and individuals
associated with these files. Provided representation at special events.
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Project Officer
City of Quebec
1991 - 1993, 1997 - 1999
¾ Organized public consultations, public audiences and working meetings for various
municipal portfolios. Oversaw and maintained contact with municipal elected
officials, sponsors, advocacy organizations, members of consultative committees and
citizens. Led public and working meetings. Drew up notices of meetings and
minutes. Condensed technical documents for general readership. Responsible for
committee renewals. Publicized various public activities of the office. Maintained
level of customer service.
Association of Sponsors of Employability
Services of Quebec (APSEQ)
1995 - 1997
¾ Represented the association before government and various community
organizations concerned with employability issues. Designed and implemented
communication tool for facilitating circulation of information between various
association members. Prepared executive meetings and executed contracts. Planned
and administered budget for the association. Organized annual colloquium and
semi-annual meeting of the association.
Coordinator of Renewal Operations for the
Conseil Permanent de la Jeunesse
Government of Quebec, Quebec
1993 - 1994
¾ Organized a promotional tour covering all regions in Quebec. Met with media,
community organizations and customer base. Designed and oversaw production of
promotional materials. Developed strategies for reaching target audience (15-30
years olds). Received candidacy applications and participated in processing thereof.
Supervised a work team. Planned budget. Oversaw and maintained logistical
Bachelor’s degree in political science
Université Laval, Sainte-Foy, Quebec
D.E.C. in social science
Collège de la région de l'Amiante, Thetford Mines, Quebec
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