Unit 8 Canada Past and Present Study Guide

Unit 8 Canada Past and Present Study
What is the name of the political party that was formed in Quebec with the main goal being the political, economic, and social sovereignty of the
French speaking people of Quebec?
Parti Quebecois.
Why has Quebec not been granted independence from the rest of Canada?
The people voted on the issue, yet each time has voted to remain a part of Canada.
Why does Quebec want independence?
The French people feel they are being discriminated against by the English speaking Canadians, and they have a desire to preserve their French
language and culture.
What changes could occur if Quebec is granted independence?
They would have a new government, economy, currency, defense, and international trade policy.
Which European country was the first to capitalize on the lucrative fur trade in Canada?
What country followed the French in the colonization of Canada?
Great Britain.
What happened as a result of the French and British wanting the same land?
The French and British fought for lands around the globe.
What was the result of the French and Indian War?
The British gained control of the land that is called Canada today.
How did the French and British influence the language of Canada?
They both colonized Canada and as a result left the imprint of their languages.
What are the percentages of French and English speaking people in Canada?
70% English and 20% French.
What is the impact of the French and English on the religion of Canada?
The majority are Roman Catholic, Protestant, or other Christian faiths.
What is the religion of the majority of the French people in Canada.
Roman Catholic.
What is the religion that the majority of the English speaking Canadians observe?
Protestant or other Christian faiths.
How did Canada gain its independence?
Through peaceful negotiations over time.
What is the significance of the Commonwealth of Nations?
It is an agreement to cooperate with each other among the former British colonies.
What is the ethnic group in Quebec that wants to make the province a country independent of the rest of Canada?
What countries colonized the land that today is called Canada?
France and Great Britain.