Executive Committee Meeting 08/26/2015

Executive Committee Meeting 08/26/2015
Attendance: Josh Anderson, Adam Ray, Thomas West, Kelsey Woodford
New Business:
We have two open positions: VP of Communications; Secretary
Kelsey is interested in VP of Communications
Travel Grants Guidelines and Application forms
We need to edit them so that we can upload them to the website by the end of the week
We edited last year’s documents to reflect the semester deadlines and any confusion with
We have an office in the UC on the third floor
We are now sharing it with the Student Veteran’s Association
We need to get the key and we need to start logging hours
We will email to set a schedule for next week; ten hours a week; once we get Senators
involved, they can begin to log hours too
NC Council of Graduate Schools
November 5th and 6th; Thursday starts with dinner at 6; Friday is 8 am to 3 pm
There is a 3.5 hour block to meet with the organizations
We would like to have 4-5 individuals to participate in a GSA social with GSA
organizations from other universities
We have time to discuss who will be able to participate
Our first general meeting
September 14th
It will be about recruiting executive members and program senators and telling everyone
what GSA does and is doing