The authors wish to thank Bruce Waldschmidt, Director, Policy,
ASA(ALT), for providing the study with valuable guidance, inputs,
and insights; Brigadier General Stephen Gonczy, Defense Logistics
Agency, for introducing us to the potential benefits of Federal Government Corporations; Richard Montgomery, a RAND consultant, for
championing an Army venture capital fund option; George Kozmetsky, co-founder of Teledyne and emeritus head of the University of
Texas’ Innovation, Creativity and Capital (IC2) Institute, for sharing
his insights on technology incubators and venture capital options;
Todd Stevenson, ASA(ALT), for sharing his unpublished white paper
on an Army leasing initiative pilot program; Elliot Axelband, a RAND
consultant, for helping develop the Army venture capital concept;
Carolyn Wong, a RAND staff member, for devising a methodology to
assess the performance of different organizational models for the
Army laboratories; and David Owen, a visiting exchange analyst from
the United Kingdom’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, for
helping flesh out the candidate concepts.
Thanks are also proffered to the various innovators we talked with
during the course of this study. They included real estate developers
(James Harper, John Masterman, John Stainbeck), venture capitalists
(Joel Balbien, Denny Ko, Gene Miller), business school professors
(Jack Borsting, Paul Bracken), and advanced technology/technology
transfer experts (Ken Dozier, Howell Yee).
Finally, we wish to thank Barbara Kenny for preparing the tables and
figures and typing the manuscript.