Examples 9/22

Examples 9/22
1. The rate of smoking among tenth graders jumped 45%, to 18.3%, and the rate of
eighth graders is up 44%, to 10.4%. How much is the original smoking rates of tenth
graders and eighth graders? How about the absolute change?
2. A bank raise its interest from 3% to 4%. What are the absolute change and relative
3. Because of losses by your employer, you agree to accept a temporary 10% pay cut.
Your employer promises to give you a 10% pay raise after six months. Will the pay
raise restore your original salary?
4. What does “200% off sale” mean?
5. If you did 80% of the first exam which had 5 problems and 60% of the second exam
which had 10 problems. Is that true that you did 70% of all the problems?