Jake Kosek ’95 M.E.S  Homo Apians: A Critical Natural  History of the Modern Honeybee Associate Professor, Department of Geography 

Homo Apians: A Critical Natural History of the Modern Honeybee
Jake Kosek ’95 M.E.S Associate Professor, Department of Geography University of California, Berkeley
This talk is about the making of the modern bee—the
histories of knowledge, capital, and difference that
were vital to the ways that the bee has come into
being—and the consequences of those contested
histories in the early twenty‐first century. I hope to
treat bees and humans not merely as two different
animals in a relationship, but as mutually
constituted—homo apians, if you will—two species
cooked together in the same modern pot. This
understanding, that humans and bees come into
being together, gives us different ways of
approaching and comprehending the current
conditions of the honeybee and its future. This
understanding forms the architecture and the central
argument of my current work, that honeybees
are both a constitutive part of modernity and a
means of understanding its unraveling.
12:00‐1:00 FREE EVENT in Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall
Lunch will be provided – first come, first served