West 204, 108th Street, Apt.46, NY, New York, USA, 10025
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1-3477515735
Columbia University
New York, USA
Master of Arts in Economics
Expected in July. 2016
▪ Main Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Math Method for Economists.
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)
Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, major in Insurance
▪ GPA: 3.79/4.00, Ranking: 1/69
▪ Honors: Overseas Achievement Scholarship; People’s Scholarship; Shanghai City Government Scholarship.
▪ Coursework Highlight: Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Statistics, C++, Fixed
Income Securities, Investment, Financial Institutions and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance.
Shanghai, China
Associate Audit
Jan. 2015-Apr.2015
▪ Analyzed clients’ financial situation to inform model forecasting future revenue growth of business.
▪ Facilitated on credit project in China by conducting research on local commercial banks.
▪ Collaborated and communicated effectively with different teams to increase daily work volume.
Haitong Securities Co., Ltd.
Shanghai, China
Equity Investment Intern
Aug. 2014-Jan.2015
▪ Evaluated 50 firms’ financial and operational performance and credit situation using comparable analysis.
▪ Compared capital markets of developing and developed countries with macroeconomic indicators.
▪ Researched and confirmed industry data and firm specific data for modelling using Bloomberg, Wind.
Lloyds Insurance Company
Financial and Underwriting Assistant
▪ Collected data to analyze reasons for the high compensation rate in specific area of China.
▪ Conducted sensitivity analysis for the solvency rate of the company in 2014.
▪ Performed data statistics for the company’s expense with more than 100,000 records.
Shanghai, China
Impact of the WTO Agricultural Trading Rules on Food Crisis in 2007-2008
Oct.2013-Nov. 2013
Supervised by Dr. Geogr. Nicolas Reum
▪ Discussed the causes of food crisis in the commodity price formation structure.
▪ Analyzed the positive influence and shortcomings of WTO Agreement on Agriculture trading rules.
Pricing and Bidding for a 7-year Book Entry Treasury Coupon Bond
Apr.2013-Jun. 2013
▪ Analyzed the macroeconomic condition to estimate the term structure of interest rate.
▪ Evaluated the investment portfolio and the return of the insurance company. Then set up the bidding price.
CIMA Global Business Challenge 2015
Leader of “Plus 4” Team
Nov. 2014
▪ Conducted a scenario analysis for an oil company, present a 31-page report and won first place in Shanghai.
▪ Conducted Monte Carlo simulation to project profitability and developed models to analyze option issues.
SUFE International Cooperation Forum
Vice President of Best Buddy Volunteer Group
Feb. 2014-May.2015
▪ Helped foreign students in accommodation, registration and application for bank cards.
▪ Organized International Cultural Exchange Events to facilitate the communication between students.
Language: Proficient in English, Basic German
Computer Software: Stata, Bloomberg, Microsoft Office