[Motion 2014-10-M03] new Chancellor:

[Motion 2014-10-M03]
The Faculty Senate Steering Committee offers the following motion in light of the search for a
new Chancellor:
The UNCW Faculty Senate asks the UNCW Chancellor Search Committee to seek the following
qualities in their candidates for Chancellor:
A commitment to scholarly values and the diverse mission of a public comprehensive university,
with a tradition of substantial research activity combined with a hallmark of teaching excellence
as expressed in the university mission statement;
Academic scholarship and teaching credentials, or professional credentials, that are tenurable at
the level of full professor;
Outstanding leadership qualities, including:
Successful leadership in higher education administration
Commitment to open discourse and shared governance with faculty, staff, and students
Commitment to embracing, celebrating, and resourcing long-standing and unique
characteristics of UNCW that have made it such a special place to work and learn.
Personal integrity, intellectual curiosity, fairness, resilience, good humor, and energy
Collaborative leadership style that emphasizes transparency and fairness
Significant demonstrated ability to secure funding from government and private sources
Determination to expand and seek increased support for undergraduate and graduate
Demonstrated record of achieving diversity goals in all aspects of university
Open communication style that encourages input from all levels of the university at
formative as well as summative levels of decision-making.
Record of effectiveness with a broad range of constituencies, including Boards of
Trustees, community stakeholders, and local and state legislatures.
Commitment to upholding UNCW’s core values as we respond to future exigencies.
Commitment to recruiting and retaining the highest quality faculty, staff, students, and