[Motion 2014_10_M02] Course Recommendations for University Studies  Approval—Sept. 29 

[Motion 2014_10_M02] Course Recommendations for University Studies Approval—Sept. 29 Resolved: the following courses be added to the catalog in the indicated University Studies component or category. I. Approaches and Perspectives A. Aesthetic, Interpretive, and Literary Perspectives ENG305—Professional Review Writing SPN 422—Topics in Spanish American Literature B. Understanding Human Institutions and Behavior SOC 336—Sociology of Aging SOC 346­­ Sociology of Religion C. Living in a Global Society INT 341—Modern Russian and Eastern European Civilization [Note: This is a new course] HST/Ant 190­­ History Unlimited [Note: This is a new course and is cross listed with ANT 190] SPN 412­­ Topics in Spanish American Civilization D. Living in a Diverse Nation SOC 346-- Sociology of Religion
II. Building Competencies A. Writing Intensive ENG 305 ­­­Professional Laboratory ANT440—Seminar in Southeastern Archeology SPN 491—Directed Independent Study B. Information Literacy OPS 300—Introduction to Business Analytics ENG 310—Theory and Practice of Editing SPN 496—Seminar in Hispanic Linguistics SPN 491—Directed Independent Study SPN 495—Seminar in Hispanic Studies LIB 103—Introduction to Library Research and Technology III. Exploration Beyond the Classroom BIO 454­­­ Herpetology ENG305—Professional Review Writing HST/ANT 190—History Unlimited: A short History of Nearly Everything [Note: This is a new course and is cross listed with ANT 190]