Module Two Parent Communication A Beginning Teacher Professional Development Program



A Beginning Teacher

Professional Development Program

Module Two

Parent Communication

Institute for Emerging Issues - NC State University

Module 2: Parent Communication

SECTION TWO: Application

Time : 45 minutes

Materials Needed : Crucial-Conversations PowerPoint file.

Activity 2: Parent-Teacher Role Play

In small groups, choose two of the parent-teacher scenarios provided. Role play each of the scenarios and discuss implications of each scenario for the student, teacher, and family member.

See Handout - Parent Scenarios (Parent Scenarios.pdf)


For each scenario provided, a small group of teachers will re-create a snapshot of the student, parent, and/or teacher described in the scenario, using their bodies to create a 4 D photograph of what is being described. Group members will use the positioning of their bodies, facial expression, etc. to re-create the scenario without speaking. Once they are in position, other group members who have not viewed the scenario will try to guess what is going on and provide “voice” for the picture.

Follow up discussion question: Use the questions located in the PowerPoint file to review the activity. (Crucial Conversations.ppt).

1. Which scenarios have caused or would cause you the most distress?

2. Name members of your support system who have helped you deal with situations like these?

3. How can you proactively work to address (and perhaps prevent) potential communication issues such as these?

Facilitator Manual Module 2: Page 2


Module 2: Parent Communication

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