Directions: You are to create a business letter for both of the scenarios
below. Read below for more clarity.
1. Choose a scenario below
2. Create a header.
3. Add a letter head (word art and picture of your choice) that relates to
the letter.
4. Read the scenario and follow the instructions.
5. Key the letter using proper format and save.
6. Each scenario must be at least one paragraph (3 to 5 sentences).
7. Print and SIGN YOUR LETTERS!!!!!
Scenario 1- You recently saw an ad in the paper for an after-school job in
the mall. You are submitting a business letter of interest. You can choose
whatever job interests you to apply. Be sure to include some of your better
qualities and tell why you are the best pick for this job. Sound professional.
Save As: scenario1. The letter address will be as follows:
 Mr. John Jackson, Manager
Store of your choice
224 Parkway Mall St.
Calumet City, IL 60438
Scenario 2- You recently went to eat at your favorite fast food restaurant
and you are upset over the poor service, bad employees, and overall filthy
condition of the restaurant. Write your complaints to the general office. If
you sound professional enough, maybe you will get “free stuff.” Be
specific in citing instances that you noticed. Save As: scenario2 send your
complaint to the general manager at the address below:
 Mr.Steve Stephenson, Regional Manager
(Fast Food Restaurant of your choice) Regional Office
333 W. 25th Blvd.
Homewood, IL 80974