Math 1090 Quiz 1 9 January, 2012 Name:

Math 1090
Quiz 1
9 January, 2012
Instructions: Read the syllabus. Answer the questions below.
This quiz has two sides.
1. (1 point) Describe the calculators allowed on exams.
2. (2 points) When are the three exams? How far in advance do you need to talk to me if
you need to miss one of these days?
3. (1 point) When are my office hours?
4. (1 point) Visit the course webpage. Bookmark it, in fact. Write the secret message here.
5. (1 point) Should quizzes and homework be attached when they are turned in? If so,
6. (1 point) Can work be turned in late? If so, under what circumstances?
7. (1 point) When is the final exam?
8. (2 points) Tell me something interesting about yourself.