Math 1090-002 College Algebra for Business and Social Sciences

Math 1090-002
College Algebra for Business and Social Sciences
fall 2011
Instructor: Laura Czarnecki
Office: LCB 306
Phone: 801/581-6195
Hours: W 9:45-11:15a
When: MWF 8:35 am - 9:25 am
Where: WEB 2230
Prerequisites: C or better in MATH 1010 or Accuplacer CLM score of 50 or
better or University Math Placement score of 3
Text: Business Algebra, 2nd edition, by Kelly MacArthur ISBN: 978-0-75759166-2
Topics: Functions and graphs, linear and quadratic functions, matrices, Gaussian elimination, Leontieff models, exponential and logarithmic functions, growth,
periodic and continuously compounded interest, arithmetic and geometric series,
annuities and loans
Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly and collected weekly, on
Mondays. You are allowed and even encouraged to work together; however, the
write-ups must be your own. No late work will be accepted, but I will drop a
few of your lowest scores when calculating your final grade.
Quizzes: Each Monday there will be a short quiz at the beginning of class.
The question(s) will be modeled on the homework submitted that week.
Exams: Three in-class exams will be given over the course of the semester, on
the following days: Wednesday, September 14; Wednesday, October 19;
Wednesday, November 16.
Final: The final exam for this course is a department-wide exam, to be administered on Thursday, December 15th, 3:30 - 5:30 pm.
Grading: Your grade will be computed based on homework, quizzes and exams,
as follows:
Homework: 15 % Quizzes: 10 % Exams: 45 % Final: 30 %
Calculators: Only scientific calculators will be allowed on quizzes and exams,
including the final.
Tutoring: The Math Department offers free drop-in tutoring in the Rushing
Mathematics Center, which is located in the basement of LCB. The tutoring
center hours are Monday - Thursday 8 am - 8 pm and 8 am - 6 pm on Fridays.
I’m there for one hour each week, which I will announce as soon as I know. A list
of private tutors can be obtained from the main office of the Math Department,
in JWB 233.
Student Conduct: Basically, I would really appreciate if you would respect
your instructor (me) and your classmates, so just use common sense. However, I
would like to particularly request that no cell phones, laptops or other electronic
devices be used in the classroom.
ADA Statement: The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with physical, sensory, cognitive,
systemic, learning and/or psychiatric disabilities. Please communicate with me
at the beginning of the semester if this applies to you so that we can make
appropriate arrangements.
Please note that this syllabus is subject to change; however, there will be no
You are responsible for anything communicated via lectures, the
course webpage, and email. Please make sure that you have a valid
email address registered with CIS.