Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
“An Analysis of the Coastal Erosion Impact of
Salter’s Duck on the North Carolina Coast”
Physics Major, University of NC Wilmington
For the past couple of decades, people have been searching for affordable and sustainable
sources of alternative energy. One source that has been assessed and proposed for use in
coastal areas like ours is wave energy. However, erosion is a major concern with taking
energy from ocean waves. To assess the possible extent of the erosion that these wave farms
could cause, a certain, highly efficient, type of wave farm, known as Salter’s Duck, was
introduced into an existing numerical model of coastline evolution. The results of this analysis
show that the increase in erosion due to the wave farm would be significant, but can be easily
offset by beach renourishment paid for by a small tax on the company maintaining the wave
Friday, December 2, 2011
2:00 PM
DeLoach Hall, Room 212