medical records to ensure optimal reimbursement and compliance with all regulations,... JOB DESCRIPTION TITLE:

TITLE: Coding Specialist II
POSITION INFORMATION: Responsible for abstraction and accurate coding of procedures from various forms and
medical records to ensure optimal reimbursement and compliance with all regulations, policies and procedures.
a. Abstracting and coding (CPT and ICD) procedures and diagnosis from medical records.
b. Verify medical record documentation requirements.
c. Review charging procedures to insure compliance with Federal Regulations, Medicare and Medicaid Policies, etc.
d. Functions as advisor/educator to faculty in regard to charge documentation, diagnosis and procedure coding and
charge policies.
Reimbursement analysis
a. Responsible for verifying that CPT, HCPCS & ICD coding used is correct.
b. Responsible for verifying that payment is correct for CPT, HCPCS & ICD coding used.
c. Verify that correct interpretation was used in the calculation of write-offs.
d. Responsible for following the policies and procedures of the unit and the department.
e. Researches projects to find additional money.
f. Coordinates and/or trains staff on reimbursement procedures.
g. Monitor monthly financial flow charts to detect problems.
h. Performs charge corrections.
i. May supervise others in the reimbursement or coding areas of the organization in the absence of other
Patient scheduling
Patient registration
a. Review patient admitting records and extracts relevant information
b. Records patient identification and demographic information in the computerized billing system
c. Contacts agency representatives to verify type and extent of coverage.
Charge entry
a. Performs preliminary review of source documents to determine that sufficient data are present for processing
b. Using alphanumeric keyboard, transcribes and/or verifies data from source documents to the medium used for
entering data into the computer
c. Batch charges
d. Generate hash totals
e. Enter charges
f. Balances batches by comparing batch proofs to source documents and hash totals
a. Works with all areas of the organization in getting any necessary or requested documentation for patients,
insurance carriers or other areas.
b. May interact with hospital patient accounting or records personnel to obtain patient demographic or other billing
c. Operates hospital information system terminal to obtain patient demographic information, patient insurance
information and status of approvals or denials
d. Completes processing of all inpatient and outpatient documents received on a daily basis
e. Assists in resolving department problems with IDX billing
f. Maintains records of charges, payments, third party charges, etc.
a. Answers patient’s questions regarding statements, agency coverage, etc.
b. Handles correspondence regarding collection activity and records results
c. Identify patient accounts for collection action when accounts become delinquent or when unable to contact
patient or responsible party
d. May receive patient payments and/or issue payment receipts
a. Initiates contact with patients and/or third party carriers if there is a delay in responding to statements or claims
b. May process incoming and outgoing mail
c. May receive incoming telephone calls and resolve issues communicated
d. Records results of mail and telephone contacts on the computer billing system
e. Contacts insurance carriers regarding non-payment and/or improper payment of claims
f. Reviews denials
g. Interfaces with patients, physicians, and others regarding professional billing operations and funds
Payment posting
a. Post receipts to proper patient accounts
b. Posts denials
c. Compare batch proofs and source documents for accuracy
a. Assists in reviewing and balancing IDX transaction reports for administration
b. Reconciles daily IDX receivables reports
c. Prepares billing statements from statistical data
Credit balance resolution
a. Review daily billing and accounts receivable credit balance reports
b. Prepare daily refund check requests
c. Prepare other daily credit balances other than refunds
d. Post refund checks to patient accounts
e. Mail refund checks with supporting documentation
As Needed. Performs various duties as needed to successfully fulfill the function of the position.
Education: High School diploma or GED
Experience: 24 months experience, 12 months of which are as a coder or reimbursement analyst
Certifications/ Licenses: Certified Procedural Coder Certification
Equivalent/ Substitution: Will accept and equivalent amount of training and experience
1. Ability to type 30 wpm with 70% accuracy.
Job Code: 0818
EEO Category: 4E
Reviewed: CMC 10.31.02