Winthrop University College of Visual and Performing Arts SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT

Winthrop University
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Department of Theatre and Dance
DANA 231: Tap I
The students are required to write one essay outside of class on one of the following subjects:
The history of tap dancing
An American tap dance legend (choose one person) and his/her impact on the art
This essay must be typed, double spaced in 12 point font and at least 1 page in length but no
more than 2 pages. Be sure to introduce your topic, develop your thoughts, support your
statements and conclude with a concise conclusion. Note all references in a bibliography.
The objective is to introduce the students to aspects of Tap dancing other than the physical
activity of it they experience in class. The genre is rich in history and influential people and
dancers that have helped make the art what it is today.
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