LEGROS LOW-DOWN 2015-2016 School Year For the week of October 5

2015-2016 School Year
For the week of October 5
Conference Nights are October 22nd and 27th. If you did not get the conference
schedule that I sent please let me know and I will get it to you.
Our Harvest party will be October 29th from 10:15-11:00 look for information.
We really enjoyed our
applesauce that we made
on September, 25th. We had
fun watching and smelling it
cook all day long. We drew
a picture and used
describing words to tell
Related Arts
Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Music
Friday: P.E.
what we noticed.
Please return library books
on Wednesday this week.
Academic Information
Literacy Information
In our small groups we
are reading “Just Right
Books.” Look for these
in their RAH folder
please read these and
return them the next day.
Math Information
In math, we learned a new
activity called Dot Addition,
we worked on story
problems, and we worked
on combinations of 8 and
9. For our rich problem the
This week we talked
about the change of
seasons to Autumn. We
looked at a book called
Sky Tree, this book goes
students had to try to
shows the same tree in
The students are working
figure out how many
all four seasons at
to add narrative words
“outfits” a scarecrow could
different times of the
to their stories. We have
have given 3 hat choices, 2
day. We talked about how
talked about and
shirt choices and 2 pants
we knew what season it
displayed good
choices. This was a
was and also what clues
transition words to use
challenging activity that we
told us about the time of
in their writing.
learned a lot from.