LEGROS LOW-DOWN 2015-2016 School Year For the week of October 19

2015-2016 School Year
For the week of October 19
Conference Nights are October 22nd and 27th. If you did not get the conference
schedule that I sent please let me know and I will get it to you.
Our Harvest party will be October 29th from 10:15-11:00 look for information.
In math we made a
graph called “Ways to
Make Ten.” These students
are shaking 10 counters in a
cup then spilling them out
and coloring in a tens
frame to match their
Related Arts
Monday: Library
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: P.E.
Thursday: Art
Friday: Library
counters. We made a
graph of our
Please return library books
on Mon. and Fri. this week.
Academic Information
Literacy Information
Math Information
We are practicing using
This week we continued
This week we thought
our strategies when we
get to a tricky word. We
are focusing looking for
chunks we know inside
of an unknown word.
We are participating in
the Global Read Aloud.
Last week we read
Chopsticks and this week
we read Duck Rabbit.
We continue to work on
our narrative stories.
thinking about making
10. We made a graph of
ways to show
combinations of ten. We
also worked on 3 digit
addition by rolling a
dice 3 times and adding
those 3 numbers. Students
used 3 different styles of
dice to meet their needs
as a mathematician. Our
rich problem was called
What’s the Address?
about pumpkins. We
completed a KWL chart
listing things we already
KNOW, and things we
WONDER about pumpkins.
Next week we will fill in
the LEARNED section
after we listen to many
books and 2 different
Image of the week
activities involving