How hard is this course?

How hard is
this course?
The answer to that question depends on the type of student or learner you are.
Instead of taking exams as the major way to prove your knowledge, this online
course relies on assignments, projects and Discussion Boards to show what you've
learned and are able to apply the knowledge.
Is an online
right for
Some students benefit greatly from this kind of "task" approach, while other
students who usually like a lecture format, and just want to take a test (because
they usually perform well on multiple choice exams) may find this class "a lot of
work." In many ways, doing projects, writing reactions and answering questions
related to text is more thought provoking and time-consuming. The
good news is that many educators (and students) feel that more
learning takes place in this kind of "learn by doing" format. You
will find that this kind of class is more student-directed, meaning
the student oversees his or her own learning and pace.
A lot of students learn best when they are in a dynamic classroom setting with an instructor who is enthusiastic
and organized. However, learning can also take place in other types of venues and situations. An online course
may not provide all of the same learning experiences that a classroom can, yet it can provide quality learning
experiences and might even offer additional benefits that a classroom course couldn't.
Ultimately it depends on you and how you learn best.
DO take this course if...
DON'T take this course if...
 you need this course, but the times and location
of those scheduled don't meet your needs
 you learn well on your own
 you think it will be an easy way to get a
requirement out of the way
 you enjoy face-to-face interaction with a teacher
and classmates
 you usually turn assignments in on time
 you have trouble turning in projects homework
in on time, and frequently need extensions or
get grade lowered due to lateness
 you are organized and often read assignments
ahead of time
because it's "busywork"
 you enjoy social networking and engage in
Discussion Boards
 you tend to earn poor grades on homework and
papers because of lack of thoroughness and
 you are familiar with computers, e-mail, and the
web and have used them to write papers, do
research and send files
 you are excited by the prospect of learning "on
your own" online
 you hate or neglect homework and papers
 you've not yet gotten into the computer age and
feel uncomfortable with the Internet and e-mail
 you think taking this course online will be easy
and less work
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