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Mr. Heath O’Neal, Social Studies Teacher
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Twitter: @MrHeathONeal
A little about me:
18th year teaching social studies, K.M.S., 1999 - Present
Logan Elm City Schools Circleville, Ohio, 1996 - 1999
Masters Degree in School Administration from Ashland University, 2003
Married to Katy O’Neal teacher of 7th grade math at Karrer
Daughters…. Annabelle 8 & Taylor 6 both at Scottish Corners Elementary
I enjoy family, sports & fishing
8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum:
This year we will be studying U.S. History from early exploration through the Post-Civil
War Reconstruction. We will focus our studies on several major themes, including:
 Exploration and Colonization by European countries
 American Revolution
 Early forms of US government
 Successes and Struggles of a New Nation
 Westward Expansion
 Civil War – causes and consequences
 Reconstruction following the Civil War
 Financial Literacy
Students are expected to maintain an organized social studies binder. It should be
divided into four sections: Hooks, Class Notes, Assessments, and Handouts
The students grade will be based on the students’ MASTERY OF THE 8th GRADE SS
CONTENT – shown through assessments, which will include tests, quizzes, projects,
writing assignments and points for being prepared for class. Homework will be
graded at my discretion.
Team Policies
• In order to be successful with their learning, students are expected to complete their
homework on time.
• Teachers all have homework boards in their classrooms, which lists the assignments for the
entire week. This is an effort to help students plan ahead. Use your planner !!
• Homework is a vital part to be successful in class. “Fail to Prepare…Prepare to Fail”
Being Prepared for Class:
• Students will need to have available the following materials for all of their classes every day:
pen, pencil, notebook paper, colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks, highlighter, and plan
book. These materials will wane as the year progresses, so please make sure they are
replenished periodically! Students are NOT allowed to use graphing paper, unlined typing
paper or habitually bother their neighbor to borrow supplies.
Students who do not bring their book or supplies to class will lose points.
Two points per day will be given for being prepared for class.
Social Studies Seminar Expectations:
In addition to being responsible for the eighth grade social studies course of study,
students in 8th grade social studies seminar class will: complete a research project during
the first semester (teacher directed topic) related to eighth grade content; complete an
independent study project during the second semester (student selected topic with
teacher approval) related to eighth grade content; read a historical novel or nonfiction
work related to eighth grade content and complete a project related to the book.
Throughout the course of the academic year, seminar students should regularly experience
the following at an appropriate level of challenge: primary source reliability and credibility
analysis; secondary source reliability and credibility analysis; current event analysis and
discussion; creative/critical thinking assignments and products related to course content.
In order to develop the knowledge and skills needed for economic success in the future,
students will study topics related to financial literacy.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or
concerns you have about our class. Progressbook, class webpage and twitter are all
ways in which I will communicate information to you throughout the year.
Mr. O’Neal, 8th grade Social Studies