Together we learn, together we succeed, and together we will

Together we learn, together we succeed, and together we will
make a positive difference!
Second Grade News​
Friday, Feb. 18, 2016
Feb.23 - PTO Meeting at 7pm.
Feb.25 - End of Second Trimester
Feb.26 - No School - Teacher Work Day
Reading/Writing Workshop:​
Students have experienced a variety of versions of Cinderella from different cultures.
We have been able to identify special story elements of fairy tales: (Powerful beginning- Royal CharactersEnchanted Settings etc…) We have also discussed how the similarities and difference throughout each adaptation
create unique circumstances and plots. Students were also lead through conversations of how the roles of
“Cinderella” & “The Fairy God Mother” change.
During Writing Workshop, Students used the story of Cinderella to motivate and inspire the writing of their own
version of Cinderella. Taking the “story” of Cinderella, students are incorporating their own elements and juicy
details to make the story unique. Students are encouraged to utilize classroom resources to brainstorm, develop,
organize, write, edit and publish a piece of writing they are proud to share.
This week in math we focused on measurement. Students have enjoyed using various units of measurement
to determine the lengths of objects. We also compared the different units of measurement to understand which
unit is appropriate to use in different situations. We will have a test over measurement next week.
Word Study:​
Second graders continued to practice their word study words focusing on commonly misspelled high
frequency words, vowel teams (ea, ai), and common suffixes (-ion, -er). Students participated in several Word
Study activities, including: 5 Box Practice, Word Search, and Look, Say, Cover, Check. Your child was tested over
these words today. Please check Progress Book for grades.
Students began the week by learning about President‛s Day. We watched a Brain Pop Jr. on George
Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and then compared and contrasted them using a Venn diagram. We also read a
Scholastic News titled “Who Was Agent 711?” and answered comprehension questions to learn more about George
Washington. We enjoyed reading the Scholastic News titled “Tired of Giving In” about Rosa Parks in honor of
Black History Month. We ended the week participating in our second Leadership Group Day!
Monday - B (PE)
Tuesday - C (Music)
Wednesday - (Art)
Thursday -A (Library)
Friday - NO SCHOOL
We, the students of Thomas Elementary, proudly practice the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. 1. Be Proactive
Think Win WIn ​
Synergize 2. Begin with the End in Mind ​
Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood 3. Put First Things First ​