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Policy on Policies
Office of Administration & Finance
Efficient, effective and transparent management of University operations requires uniform
Statement of Policy
The Office of Administration and Finance will coordinate the maintenance of the University of
Montana (UM) Operating policies and publish them on the University Operating Policies
website. Links will be provided to sources of authority (“references”), both internal to the
University, MUS system, and external, such as State and federal codes and regulations. Where
applicable, internal links will also be provided to procedures. Operating Policies must be
reviewed by the campus governance senates and the President’s Cabinet and approved by the
University Operating Policy: University Operating Policies:
have campus-wide or University-wide application;
strengthen controls to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and
enhance the university’s mission, promote operational efficiencies, and/or reduce
institutional risk.
Policies establish a framework for what will or will not be done at UM, and reflect the rules
governing the implementation of campus processes. Only the policies as listed on the
University Operating Policies (link) will be applicable/enforced. Campus units might have
policies specific to their units, but because of their unit-specific focus, these are departmental
policies and are not considered University Operating Policies.
Procedure: Procedures reflect current operational processes for completing tasks. Procedures
contain details that include specific steps, process examples, forms to use, and contact
information for assistance.
[Link to Procedures]