Program of the Senate, 9/12/13 o

Program of the Senate, 9/12/13
o Continue to develop communication, coordination and cooperation with UM
administration and outside constituencies
 Appropriate participation in strategic planning/ implementation,
budgeting, annual assessment, accreditation planning, and program
 Participate in efforts to enhance the quality of education
 Implement evaluation of the administration process
 Educate the public regarding the benefits of the Montana University
 Outreach to the community through Senate/City Council
o Continue collaboration with other campus and system-wide governance
 Work with the UFA to investigate how salary and retirement policies
have impacted education quality through recruitment and retention
 Work with student and staff governance groups on mutual initiatives
and concerns
 Develop a collaborative process with Montana State Faculty Senate
o Enhance communications regarding Missoula College Integration and the
College Now initiatives
o Apprise faculty of Board of Regents initiatives and represent the Faculty to
the Board of Regents and Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
Collaborate on Performance Based Funding metric development
Monitor Common Course Numbering and Dual Credit Programs
Work through MUSFAR to ensure UM faculty concerns are
represented at BOR meetings
Assert and maintain faculty control over curriculum
o Monitor various efforts that impact faculty (Crosslisting, Prerequisite
Checking, Online Education including MOOCs, Programs of National
Distinction, Teaching and Research Assistantships, Credit for Military
o Conduct Center Review and Interim Assessment of New Programs and
streamline the process
o Facilitate communication of faculty requirements for IT support
o Prepare and implement initiatives for the 2015 Legislative Session