Document 11907897

Office of Human Resource Services
The University of Montana-Missoula
Emma B. Lommasson Center Rm 252
Missoula, Montana 59812
Phone: (406) 243-6766
FAX: (406) 243-6095
To: Human Resource Services
From: _________________________________
(Hiring Authority)
RE: Justification for Selection/ Non-Selection of:
(Name of Applicant)
After evaluating the enclosed application materials and otherwise giving due
consideration to the applicant, how do you feel that the person meets your needs?
Please give a brief explanation. Justification for either hiring or non-hiring an
applicant should relate back to the qualifications for the position posted on the
vacancy announcement. Please give specific (job/performance related)
reasons based on quantitative statements. Refer to the position description
and qualifications to back your statements.