Documenting the Nomination

Documenting the Nomination
California and Federal laws require that complete documentation of University hiring
practices be maintained. Documentation should be maintained in Employment Services
department for three years and then shredded.
If a hiring decision is challenged and DFEH or EEOC undertakes an investigation, the
University will be required to provide documentation of the hiring process to address the
charge. The documentation will be reviewed to determine if the hiring process used to fill
the vacancy involved any discrimination practices. In addition, the organization may be
required to provide the same information for all hiring decisions covering a period the
DFEH and/or EEOC regards as appropriate.
Several examples of the methods and forms used to document the recruitment process are
What to Keep:
Employment Services should develop and retain the following documentation in a position
file, separate from the personnel file of the new employee:
Copies of the Vacancy Announcement and all advertising
Applicant Referral Documents and a copy of the Recruitment Selection Summary
Form documents applicants who met minimum qualifications, who were
interviewed, and who was selected for the position.
Copies of all written correspondence with the applicants, including the official offer
letter to the person hired
All copies of the interview questions and the responses of each applicant
Telephone reference contact forms
Hiring Summary which is the written justification of selection/non-selection
Any other information pertinent to the hiring process
When to Destroy Records:
All records related to the hiring process should be promptly shredded at the conclusion of
the three years records retention period.
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