Level I Program Form Department/program Summary

Level I Program Form
I Summary of Proposed Changes
Department/program BS Resource Conservation
Elimination of the Conservation option from the BS Resource Conservation
II Endorsements and Approvals
Please obtain the Program Chair/Director’s approval, the Dean and the Associate Provost.
Requestor: Laurie Yung Phone: 6934
Program Chair/Director: Laurie Yung
Other affected programs:
Dean’s Signature
Initial Review in Provost’s Office
Faculty Senate Review
Are other departments/programs affected by this
Please obtain signature(s) from the
modification because of
Chair/Director of any such department/ program
(a) required courses incl. prerequisites or
(above) before submission
(b) perceived overlap in content areas
(c) cross-listing of coursework
III Type of Level I Proposal (please check the appropriate space)
(a) Re-titling existing majors, minors, or options
(b) Eliminating existing majors, minors, or options via a program termination checklist
(c) Adding new minors or certificates where there is a major
(d) Adding new minors or certificates where there is an option in a major
(e) Departmental mergers and name changes
(f) Program revisions –for minor modifications use the program modification form
(g) Distance delivery of previously authorized degree program.
(h) Adding option within an existing major or degree *
(i) Eliminating organizational units such as departments, divisions and colleges or
schools *
(j) Consolidating existing program and/or degree *
*Requires level II BOR documentation submitted to the Provost’s Office (refer to
IV Catalog Language
If you are proposing a change to an existing
Please provide the proposed copy as you wish it
program or major, please cut and paste the
to appear in the catalog. 
requirements as they appear in the current catalog
below. www.umt.edu/catalog 
The catalog copy does not mention the Conservation
Option and thus no changes are required.
Please explain/justify the new proposal or change. 
There is only one option that is part of the BS in Resource Conservation, the Conservation
Option. All students are placed into that option. We have been advised from the Provost’s
Office that we should not have a major with an option that all students do, and that we need to
remove the option. The Conservation Option does not provide any special training, and does
not have any additional requirements. In fact, the Conservation Option is simply leftover
from a period of time when the Resource Conservation major had multiple options. We are
proposing to remove the Conservation Option. Students will now obtain a Resource
Conservation degree with no formal option.
What other programs are affected by your
proposal? Obtain signatures as requested below.
V Department Summary Required if several proposals are submitted. In a separate document
list program title and proposed change for all proposals.
VI Copies and Electronic Submission After all signatures have been obtained submit the
original, a paper copy and electronic file to the Faculty Senate Office, UH 221.