Level II Regential Form Department/program

Level II Regential Form
Revised 7/08
Attach to full proposal for level II changes.
I Summary of Proposed Changes
Establish graduate program in Systems Ecology, offering both MS
and PhD degrees
Proposed are both an MS and a PhD in Systems Ecology to be
offered at The University of Montana-Missoula. These degree
offerings are designed to provide pathways for graduate
students interested in integrative ecological science to earn
degrees that will prepare them to work in a wide variety of
settings including state and federal land management agencies,
environmental restoration companies, non-governmental
organizations dealing with land and environmental resource
management issues, and universities and other science
organizations. Both the master’s and doctoral program include a
core set of courses and a wide variety of elective courses from
which students might select to meet their academic and career
II Preliminary Approval
Department/Program Chair:
Type/Print Name Signature
Ric Hauer
(406) 982-3301
Charles Janson,
Division of Biological
Other affected programs:
Ronald Wakimoto,
Dept of Ecosystem and
Conservation Sciences
Sarah Halvorson,
Dept of Geography
Donald Potts,
Dept of Forest
Len Broberg,
Environmental Studies
Christopher Comer,
College of Arts and
James Burchfield,
College of Forestry and
Dean of the Library
Bonnie Allen
Library impact statement: Are the resources included in the proposal sufficient to
adequately support the new programs library needs?
Initial Review in Provost’s Office
Revised 7/08
III Type of Program Change (check X appropriate description)
Create new degree; add new major to existing degree
Create minor or certificate where major does not exist
Change name of degree
IV Proposal (See instructions at http://www.umt.edu/provost/curriculum.htm)
Attach the following:
 Full Proposal
 BOR Level II Program Change Request
 Item Template
 Cover/Signature Page
V Copies and Electronic Submission
Submit the complete Level II proposal to the Provost’s Office for preliminary approval.
After all signatures have been obtained submit original, one copy, and an electronic file to
the Faculty Senate Office, UH 221, [email protected],.edu