Level II Regential Form

Level II Regential Form
Revised 7/08
Attach to full proposal for level II changes.
I Summary of Proposed Changes
Global Public Health – unattached minor
The proposed undergraduate minor in Global Public Health at
The University of Montana will focus learning on existing and
emerging public-health issues in transnational context. The
proposed minor will enrich the education each student receives
within their chosen major and provide opportunities for
participating students to advance their knowledge regarding
health policy and science and skill in interacting within an
increasingly diverse population and illness base. Students who
pursue the interdisciplinary minor will develop critical-thinking,
research-based learning, and community-outreach skills as they
engage the social/cultural, economic, political, and science
dimensions of global public health. Students who pursue the
Global Public Health minor also will enhance their major field
of study by preparing for a broad range of professions and
graduate programs where they can promote global, local, and
tribal public-health knowledge, research, and practice. The 21credit minor will build upon the expertise of our faculty by
utilizing the rich array of courses and other learning
opportunities (e.g., in Anthropology, Biology, Health and
Human Performance, Political Science, Sociology, Public
Health) related to global public health currently available at The
University of Montana.
II Preliminary Approval
Type/Print Name Signature
Peter Koehn
Department/Program Chair:
X 5294
Paul Haber
Other affected programs:
Public Health
Health & Human
Chris Comer
Dean of the Library
Bonnie Allen
Library impact statement: Are the resources included in the proposal sufficient to
adequately support the new programs library needs?
Initial Review in Provost’s Office
III Type of Program Change (check X appropriate description)
Create new degree; add new major to existing degree
5 May
Revised 7/08
Create minor or certificate where major does not exist
Change name of degree
IV Proposal (See instructions at http://www.umt.edu/provost/curriculum.htm)
Attach the following:
 Full Proposal
 BOR Level II Program Change Request
 Item Template
 Cover/Signature Page
V Copies and Electronic Submission
Submit the complete Level II proposal to the Provost’s Office for preliminary approval.
After all signatures have been obtained submit original, one copy, and an electronic file to
the Faculty Senate Office, UH 221, [email protected],.edu