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Quiz 1
Phys 222, Fall 2013
Problem 1.(2 points.) -Q charge is located 5cm above origin on y-axis. Also, +Q
charge is located 5cm below the origin on y-axis. In what direction would the E-field
at point P, located 3cm from origin on x-axis, point to?
A) x axis
B) -x axis
C) y axis
D) -y axis
Problem 2.(2 points.) +Q charge is evenly distributed along the surface of a hollow
spherical conductor. The electrostatic potential inside the sphere is
A) largest at the center.
B) zero inside the surface.
C) largest near the conductor surface.
D) largest somewhere between the center and the surface.
Problem 2.(1 points.) A bird sits on a high-voltage line. Why does the bird not get
A) Birds have non-conducting feet
B) They sit at approximately same electric potential
C) They just don’t care
D) The bird’s charge is opposite to that of the line, and the charges cancel out.