Irrigation Supervisor

Irrigation Supervisor
David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc. has an immediate need for a Landscape
Irrigation Supervisor in Germantown, WI. Landscape irrigation supervisor performs all
sprinkler / irrigation related work.
Position Summary:
The Irrigation Supervisor oversees the efficient operation and installation of
irrigation systems, the repair and maintenance of valves, tracing electrical components,
installing and initializing clocks and timers, locating existing zones and valves,
performing pump repairs and ensuring that customers are satisfied completely through
effective communication, relationship building and regular site visits.
Position Requires:
An irrigation license or certification and a minimum of 7 years experience working
with commercial and residential irrigation systems and possess a valid driver’s license
along with an excellent driving record.
Is responsible for the proper installation of commercial and residential irrigation
systems in a professional manner, according to DJFLCI standard operating procedures,
contributes to design & estimating and the purchasing of supplies/equipment. Provides
work direction for service and installation crew leaders and is further responsible for
vehicle operation, equipment operation and adherence to DJFLCI safety procedures.
Position Responsibilities:
recruit, interview, select and train and manage/supervise 5 crews
ability to manage and delegate responsibility
plan production and create daily work schedule
able to read blueprints/plans
complete all paperwork by end of each work day
participate in Billing Department requests
must be able to safely operate any required tools & equipment related to job
We offer competitive wages/benefits. Apply to:, or e-mail:
[email protected]
David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc.,
Germantown, WI
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