Technical Review

Technical Review
Meeting Date:
Meeting Time:
Meeting Location:
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
HR Conference Room
Members Present: D. Berry, S. Anuai
Members Absent: M. Beasley, V. Herder, P. Bench, M. Hines, D. McCauley,
D. Bogle, S. Gregory
New Courses:
o None
Course Changes:
o None
Inactivation of Courses:
o None
Program Changes:
o None
New Programs:
o None
General Education:
Request for the following courses to be added as an option to meet TC’s general
education area of Social and Behavioral Sciences
o DSE 1501 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities (3)
o DSE 1504 Cultural Competency (3)
In addition to the request for General Education inclusion, it was questioned
if the CORs were being updated, also. If so, the memo needs to be amended
to reflect this request. Otherwise, if updates were not needed, then the
above courses were approved to move forward to the Curriculum meeting.
o Deadline for items to be placed on the November 14th Curriculum and General
Education agenda is October 31, 2011.