Position Description Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction (H-H Title: Instructional Program Manager I)

Position Description
Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction
(H-H Title: Instructional Program Manager I)
This position is part of a Title III “Strengthening Institutions” grant to improve student retention
and graduation rates. The Supplemental Instruction Coordinator oversees and coordinates the
daily operations of the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program. The mission of the SI Program is
to assist students in historically difficult courses by providing group tutoring and mentoring to
facilitate student success. Responsibilities include promoting SI to students and instructors;
recruiting, hiring, training and supervising SI leaders; monitoring SI sessions; and conducting
ongoing training and feedback meetings as well as designing and conducting program
evaluations. The SI Coordinator will strive to meet Title III grant goals of strengthening
academic success for targeted populations, increasing retention and graduation rates for UWSP
students, and diminishing the achievement gap in all courses.
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:
Identify high D, F, and W courses and encourage faculty and instructors to engage
collaboratively to arrange an SI group for their courses.
Recruit, hire, train, observe, supervise, mentor, and evaluate a staff of 20+ undergraduate
group leaders annually to maintain high quality of instruction and ethical conduct.
Schedule SI groups and actively engage in the inclusion of low income students,
underprepared students and students with learning differences.
Maintain ongoing contact with faculty for exam grades and reporting same during the
semester to monitor student progress.
Publicize Supplemental Instruction by speaking or presenting to students, faculty members,
and groups; preparing brochures and handouts; and distributing information at student
workshops and through campus publications.
Monitor and modify the program’s services to meet the changing needs of the student
Gather student and leader assessment/evaluation data each semester and report on program
Prepare the program budget.
Monitor the expenditure of funds to guarantee accountability and proper use of federal
Maintain a database to provide accurate statistical information on enrollment and
Supervise 1 honors intern.
Approve payroll as needed.