A.P. European History Introduction Welcome to A.P. European

A.P. European History Introduction
Welcome to A.P. European History! Students taking this course should be highly
motivated; be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time to the study of European
History. The course is challenging and it covers all aspects of European History from 1500
to present day. We will focus particularly on social and political history, with special
emphasis on gender roles and daily life. All students are expected to take the A.P. exam.
See www.collegeboard.org for more information on the course.
Summer Reading Assignment:
 In The Garden of Beasts written by Erik Larson (2011).
 It is helpful to have a personal copy of the book to highlight.
 See other sheet for assignment (assignment includes questions to complete over
the summer and scored discussion at the beginning of the school year).
Review Books:
 Students will be issued a copy of:
o Baron’s AP* European History by James M. Eder and Seth A. Roberts
This will serve as a reference guide throughout the year and will also be used for
several assignments. Students may NOT write in this book; if you wish to have a
book to write in, be prepared to buy your own or pay the teacher for the book.
Students may also wish to purchase another A.P. review book before the start of
the course. This is a suggestion, not a requirement. See list below for review books
used by students in the class.
o Cracking the AP* European History Exam by Kenneth Pearl, PhD (Princeton
o AP* Achiever Advanced Placement European History Exam Preparation
Guide by Chris Freiler
 The textbook will be given out the first day of class. Students will be reading each
chapter and completing unit assignments on each chapter.
o A History of Western Society by McKay, Hill, and Buckler, 10th edition (2011)
Supplemental Readings:
 Students will be given various primary sources and supplemental resources
throughout the year.
 Students will also be reading and completing assignments from the supplemental
o Sources of Western Society, by Caldwell (2011)
Contact Information:
 [email protected]