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Trilithic selected to provide E.A.S. for Nortel’s IPTV Ecosystem
Indianapolis, Indiana (Wednesday, November 23, 2005) Nortel* [NYSE/TSX: NT] has selected Trilithic,
Inc. to provide Emergency Alert Systems as a part of their IPTV Ecosystem. As part of Nortel’s end-toend IPTV solution, Trilithic’s E.A.S. provides FCC mandated National Level Alerts for notifying the TVwatching public, as well as interruptions for National Weather Service weather warnings and the Amber
Trilithic, provides E.A.S. solutions for Broadband Cable, Low Power FM, Broadcast Television and IPTV.
Trilithic’s Emergency Alert System for IPTV provides a digital solution capable of various configurations
for local and centralized channel insertion, and the flexibility of no channel insertion. Through a userdefined configuration, the E.A.S. alert message text and digitized audio is delivered on the IP network via
Ethernet to a middleware server, or to a companion Encoder/Decoder in the Super Headend or Video
Hub Office for distribution to an entire region or market with minimal hardware requirements.
Trilithic’s Emergency Alert System has gone through extensive interoperability testing in Nortel’s IPTV lab
in Ottawa to help ensure high levels of end-to-end reliability and solution integration. Trilithic also works
closely with Middleware companies to provide an integrated total package solution for IPTV providers
“As a leader in E.A.S. we recognize the ongoing need to enhance the product line for the
telecommunication industry's ever changing architecture and the anticipated growth of digital
transmission.” Says Trilithic President, Terry Bush. “With the emerging technologies associated with
Video-on-Demand, IPTV, and other networking strategies, Trilithic’s E.A.S. division is poised to continue
providing superior E.A.S. solutions for the evolving technology.”
Trilithic is the only ISO-9001:2000 Emergency Alert System manufacturer and supplier in the
telecommunications industry with a division dedicated solely to E.A.S. applications.
Trilithic, Inc. is an industry leader providing telecommunications solutions for major Broadband and RF & Microwave markets around
the world. Comprised of three major divisions: Broadband Instruments & Systems offers test, analysis and quality management
solutions for the major cable television systems around the world. The RF & Microwave Components Division provides various
components and custom subsystems for companies specializing in cellular, military and other wireless applications. The E.A.S.
Division is a leading supplier of government-mandated Emergency Alert Systems used by Broadband, Broadcast and IPTV service
providers in the United States.
Trilithic has continuously expanded its manufacturing capabilities to accommodate the greater demand for its products, both through
streamlining design and development and automating manufacturing and test procedures. Trilithic provides a broad product base of
over 1500 measurement products and communications components to thousands of customers around the world. The company’s
state-of-the-art 120,000 Square Foot worldwide headquarters is located in Indianapolis Indiana. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified
company with over 40 years of collective expertise in engineering and custom assembly, Trilithic is dedicated to providing quality
products, services and communications solutions that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.
*Nortel is a trademark of Nortel Networks.
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