Pharmacology and Physiology

Pharmacology and Physiology
This course is designed to introduce students to the field of drug discovery and provide a comprehensive
overview of the drug discovery process. In addition to faculty from the College of Medicine with drug
discovery experience, lectures are also presented by scientists and executives from Bristol-Myers Squibb,
Autism Speaks, NIH, Agene Bio, Merck, Amylin, Regeneron, and Malvern Consulting. Students also visit
imaging and high throughput screening facilities at local pharmaceutical companies. Lecture topics include:
1. Course Overview & Objectives: Drug Discovery, Development and Approval
2. Historical Perspectives: The Evolution of Drug Discovery and Modern Medicine (DUCOM)
3. Current Perspective on Pharmaceutical Research and Development
4. Introduction to the Drug Discovery Process
5. Target Based Drug Discovery: Target Identification, Selection and Validation
6. High Throughput Screening: Sample Libraries and Hit Identification
7. Computational Modeling
8. Lead Identification & Optimization
9. Chemical and Biological Space: Medicinal Chemistry and Structure Activity Relationships
10. Pharmaceutical Profiling
11. Preclinical Assessment I: In Vivo Model Systems
12. Predictive Utility of Animal Models
13. Preclinical Assessment II: Safety and Toxicology
14. Biologics
15. Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
16. Imaging and Translational Medicine
17. Vaccines
18. Conduct of Clinical Trials
19. The Investigational New Drug Application
20. Peptide Therapeutics
21. Contract Research Organizations
22. Role of Project Teams
23. Team Project Assignment
24. Case Study - Modafinil
25. Project Team Presentations