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Ethical Dilemma in Health Care
 A community’s health system is composed of organizations, individuals,
and other resources that are involved in delivering health care services that
are important in maintaining the welfare of the society members.
 The public health delivery system is a large sector which is dominated by
the private business segment of the economy.
 The major programs involved in community health include Medicaid,
Medicare, maternity services, first aid and male circumcision services.
The Pharmaceutical Industry
 The pharmaceutical industry constitutes companies that are engaged
in the development, production, marketing, and selling of biological
products used for veterinary or medicinal purposes.
 There has been significant growth in its sales and profits which have
a shown a consistent increase in its trend.
The Pharmaceutical Industry
 The distribution of medical drugs in the community should be
enhanced by the availability of intermediaries and distributors
who include pharmacists and drug stores.
 The administration should be granted authority to scrutinize
new drugs before providing approval to be used in the market.
Communication Strategy
 A communication strategy is a plan that defines the various frameworks
significant in establishing the communication activities, duties, roles, and
objectives of the public health care management team.
 The contents of a communication strategy include the goals of
communication, vital messages, the target stakeholders, communication
methods, and the mechanisms that will be applied in obtaining the response
on the strategy.
Communication Strategy
 To determine whether the drugs supplied are within benchmark standards set forth
by the FDA, strategy for communication with Get Well Drugs manufacturer should
be developed.
 The media that should be used to pass the information shall involve use of electronic
means such as through emails and website communications.
 The hospital should also obtain documents and significant materials that will act as
additional evidence for the techniques applied by the manufacturer.
Communication Questions Plan
 After drafting a successful communication strategy for the
hospital, a plan for asking questions directed to Get Well Drugs
need to be drafted too.
 The plan shall contain several questions which aims at
addressing issues that concerns drugs' range of benchmark
Communication Questions Plan
 Communicating the findings to a local consortium of nurses and physicians
at Well Being Hospital is an important strategy.
 There are various benefits that may accrue to the hospital if they continue to
use the supplies of Get Well Drugs Company.
 The hospital should thus ensure that Get Well has been verified by the
regulatory framework and that it meets stringent production standards.
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