Office of Residence Life University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Office of Residence Life
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
2015-2016 New Staff Application Questions
1. Please describe why you decided to apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA).
2. Please describe why you decided to apply to be a Desk Coordinator (DC).
3. The Office of Residence Life values employees who know about their university and local
community, so that student staff can act as a resource to students in need.
Please describe your experience and knowledge of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and
the surrounding community, AND how this may impact your ability to act as a resource for
residents, in terms of the following:
1. Campus or community involvement (clubs, organizations, memberships, etc.)
2. Extracurricular activities (sport clubs, intramurals, hobbies)
3. Leadership experiences, employment, internships
4. Volunteer opportunities
4. Please describe any relevant information that would impact our selection process for you. This
may include, but is not limited to:
1. An ideal style of residence hall, Living and Learning Community, or community that fits your
interests. For example, you may have decided to apply because you wanted to work with
upperclass students or in the Global Village LLC.
2. Personal identities that conflict with the physical environments present in certain residence
halls. For example, your personal gender identity would be in conflict if you were assigned to a
floor of a specific gender in the traditional halls.
3. Any special needs, accommodations, or requests that you have for the interviewing, selection,
or other processes.
You do NOT need to answer this question if you do not want to, or if you have nothing to add.
Please input (N/A) for a response in this case.
Answers in this section inform our Professional Staff about your needs/wants for placement.
However, we reserve the right to make hiring decisions, and requests included in this response
can not be guaranteed. Please do not include information about interpersonal relationships, as
we want this information focused on you, and not your relationships with others.