I. SUFFIXES-word elements placed at the end of a word that change the meaning of word.
A. Suffixes are used to indicate singular or plural forms and parts of speech.
B. Recall that suffixes that begin with a vowel are linked with a root and suffixes that
begin with a consonant are linked with a combining form.
C. Suffixes are used to describe surgical, diagnostic and pathological situations
associated with the human body. They can also be used to emphasize grammatical
aspects related to a medical term.
1. Examples pages 15-21.
Complete Learning Activities 2-3 and 2-4 pages 24-25 for practice. Be sure that you follow
all rules for correctly connecting a word root and a suffix.
I. PREFIXES-word element located at the beginning of a word. These modify the meaning of
medical terms.
A. Prefixes are used to denote position, number, measurement and direction.
B. Examples of Prefixes-pages 30-35.
Complete Learning Activity 3-2 page 37 for practice.