Glossary of Usage: Formative Assessment

Glossary of Usage: Formative Assessment
If a sentence does not contain a usage error, write “correct.” If it does contain and error, write the correct form.
Example: 1. We excepted the letter nervously. Accepted
Exercise 4 (page 611)
1. In his address to Congress, the President implied that an economic reversal might occur soon.
2. Without any warning, the cat jumped from the chair and leaped in my arms.
3. The children helped themselves to more turkey.
4. When you have time, will you learn me to sew?
5. Leave me figure this problem out by myself.
6. We had ought to have been more considerate.
7. Your room looks as if a tornado had been through it.
8. What am I to imply from those sarcastic remarks?
9. Ben did all the work himself.
10. If you had of asked me, I would have told you.
11. What can you infer from the closing couplet of this sonnet?
12. You hadn’t ought to complain so much.
13. Why doesn’t he get all his work done like he’s supposed to?
14. Jane and myself are the editors of our yearbook.
15. We implied from the principal’s announcement that our school’s administration is becoming stricter.
16. I asked my boss if he would let me have Sunday afternoon off.
17. Some people they’re always making a fuss about nothing.
18. Are you implying that I can’t read music?
19. Leave them stay if they don’t want to join us.
20. We cheered like we never cheered before.