Physics 313: Lecture 19 Monday, 11/3/08

Physics 313: Lecture 19
Monday, 11/3/08
Quiz next Wednesday, November 5. Quiz will
last the lecture period and will be closed book.
Necessary or helpful formulas will be
You should finish reading Chapter 6 and start
reading Chapter 7 after Wednesday's quiz.
We will skip Section 7.2 and 7.1.5, 7.3.4.
Please start working on your project this
Only two homework assignments left. One
handed out this Wednesday and due in a
Chapter 6: 1d Amplitude Equation
Origin and Meaning of Amplitude A(X,T)
Heuristic derivation using symmetry arguments.
How parameters are deduced.
Boundary conditions for the amplitude equation
Properties: scales and potential dynamics
Applications: boundaries, instability, phase
Sketch of formal derivation: method of multiple
scales (singular perturbation theory)
Slow Modulation of a Fast Oscillation
Experimental Test of 1d Amplitude Equation:
Electroconvection of Smectic Liquid Crystal
Experimental Test of Amplitude Equation II
Effect of Suppressing Boundary A=0
On Amplitude