Forms of Energy Flashcards

Forms of Energy Flashcards
1. Be able to calculate speed.
2. Force
3. How do friction and inertia affect force?
4. What effect does mass have on gravity?
5. Work
6. How is heat transferred?
7. At what temperature does water freeze at? Boil at?
8. What are the 3 ways heat can be transferred?
9. Why does matter expand when it is heated?
10. What are 2 sources of heat on Earth? Which one is renewable?
11. Wavelength
12. Spectrum
13. Why do we see rainbows?
14. Which color has the longest wavelength?
15. Reflection
16. What is the Law of Reflection?
17. Refraction
18. Why do we see colors?
19. Sound wave
20. Which materials do sound travel through the fastest? Slowest?
21. Frequency
22. Pitch
23. Amplitude
24. How do frequency and amplitude affect what sounds we hear?
25. How is sound measured?
26. How do hearing aids work?
27. Reread p. F46-47. Write a paragraph (4-6 sentences) explaining how binoculars