Final exam review--simple harmonic motion

Final Exam Review
Simple Harmonic Motion
Leader: Ben
Course: Phys 111
Instructor: Alan Goldman
Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
1. A car’s engine runs at 2700 rpm.
a. What is the period and frequency of the engine?
b. If you change the period to 0.0444s how many rpm’s is it doing?
2. A person rides on a mechanical bull that oscillates up and down with simple harmonic
motion. The period of the bucking is 0.74 s and the amplitude is slowly increasing. Find
the amplitude of the oscillations. Hint: find a way to relate the acceleration of gravity to
the amplitude
3. When a 0.5 kg mass is attached to a vertical spring, the spring stretches by 15 cm. How
much mass must be added or removed in order to obtain a period of 0.75 s?
4. A 2.25 g bullet embeds itself in a 1.5 kg block, which is attached to a spring of force
constant 785 N/m. If the maximum compression of the spring is 5.88 cm find
a. The initial speed of the bullet
b. The time for the bullet-block system to come to rest