Baroque Art 2 Weeks Length of Unit Standards

Introduction to Art
Unit One
Length of Unit
2 Weeks
Program of Studies
Core Content
Baroque Art
Key Concepts/Skills/Guiding Questions
Learning Targets:
 I can understand the meaning of the term
 I can study works by Caravaggio and see his use of
strong lights and darks.
 I can use the full range of value in my sketch.
 I can compose a sketch of this still life and identify
the light source.
 I can be expressive and dramatic with my work.
 I can create a gradation of tone with a pencil.
 I can construct a value scale.
 I can define the terms listed on the board.
 I can create the look of three dimensionality on a
two dimensional surface.
 I can use modeling to compose my drawing.
Construct a value scale
Create a pencil drawing of
a still life and make evident
your use of chiaroscuro.
Write a short paragraph
describing an image on
your table using several of
the art terms correctly that
are listed on the board.
Assess the knowledge of
the terms in this unit.
Artistic expression, functional, mausoleum, tenebrism,
chiaroscuro, relief sculpture, value, gradation, modeling,
contrapasto, contrast, perspective
Students will
 Discuss famous baroque artists such as Rembrandt
and Caravaggio.
 Define tenebrism and chiaroscuro
 Illustrate a value scale
 Examine how shading and a broad value contrast
can create three dimensional modeling.
 Compare architecture of the time.
 Describe how many of the artists of the time were
also architects.
 Compare the difference in architecture in India such
as the Taj Mahal.
Rowan County Senior High School 2010-2011
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Introduction to Art
Guiding Questions
Rowan County Senior High School 2010-2011
Can you describe the difference in low and high relief
What is functional art?
Can you show me “contrapasto”?
Can you describe a baroque artwork using several art
terms in your description?
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