baroque art - mapeh 9

 Baroque
period started an era in the
history of the Western Arts with the 17th
century. Its earliest manifestation, which
occurred in Italy, dates back from the
earlier decades of the 16th century. It
lasted about 1600 to 1750.
 The
older meaning of Baroque is
synonym for capricious, overwrought,
and florid. Some of the qualities most
frequently associated with the Baroque
are grandeur, sensuous, richness, drama,
vitality, movement, tension, and a
tendency to blur destinations between
the various arts.
(29 September 1571 –
18 July 1610) was
an Italian artist active
in Rome, Naples, Malta,
and Sicily between
1593 and 1610.
 Caravaggio trained as
a painter
in Milan under a
master who had
himself trained
under Titian.
 Belongs
to the family
of Bolognere
 He was called to
Rome by cardinal
Fermese to carry art
masterpiece, the
decoration of the
Fanuese Gallery in
the cardinal’s family
 The
supreme genius
of Baroque Art.
 A great sculptor.
 His works dominates
the period
sometimes called the
“High Baroque”.
 The
first great painter
to come in contact
with Caravaggio’s
 Some people criticize
him for painting too
many “fat woman”.
Spanish painter at
the court of Phillip IV.
 He admired
Caravaggio’s work.
 His famous of his
court paintings is The
Maids of Honor.
 Phillip
Infanta Maria (Phillip
IV’s daughter)
1. Infanta Margarita; 2. Coña Isabel de Velasco; 3. doña María Agustina
Sarmiento de Sotomayor; 4. Maribarbola; 5. Nicolas Pertusato; 6. doña
Marcela de Ulloa; 7. unidentified guard; 8. Don José Nieto Velázquez; 9.
Velázquez; 10. King Philip IV ; 11. Queen Mariana
Coming or going?
Detail of the mirror
• Boy With A Basket of Fruit
• The Crucifixion of Saint Peter
• Assumption of Virgin Mary
• The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa
Peter Paul
• Helene Fourment and Her
Two Children
• The Maids of Honor
• The Water Seller of Seville
-portrait of someone
- paintings (Mona Lisa, Last Supper, the Maids of
Honor, etc.)
¼ illustration board
 pencil
 Watercolor
 Oil pastel
 Paint
 Deadline of Submission: Monday, January 10,
 Costume
and Props : 20 pts
 Presentation:
20 pts
40 pts
5 to 10 minutes