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Teacher-Scored Test Introduction to Pain (1)

Teacher-Scored Test: Introduction to Painting
1.4.3 Test (TS): Introduction to Painting
Art Appreciation (S3866826)
Points possible: 30
Christian Barton
Date: ____________
1. Describe the purposes
of ​chiaroscuro
and ​sfumato, and explain how artists use these techniques to
achieve their purposes. (4 points)
Chiaroscuro: The ​Chiaroscuro is a method for putting value to a two-dimensional type of artwork. Because
Chiaroscuro, did this it brought value to the paintings, as more and more people became interested.
​The art of chiaroscuro shows you the illusions he makes with his two dimensional
Sfumato: ​The purposes of sfumato techniques were tone it down. This allowed the painting to have more of
a shaded like cloudy look. Most people fashione this look. This techniques made light areas more sen s
darker areas It was also used for a illusionistic of facial features. Stamatos paintings were seen by man
which explains how his and chiaroscuros art became most famous with the similar techniques they had both
used in time of art.
2. The image below is an example of Photorealism. Give two reasons why. (4 points)
This photo of a ball is photo realism because the ball is made from a computer organizer. As you can see
the word photorealism is defined at something created by a computer which also means it wasn't made by
hand maybe thought of and put together on the computer.
3. Describe the similarities and differences between Baroque art and Realism. (4 points)
SIMILARITIES-The artwork of baroque art and realism both are used to portray messages and beliefs. Both
Realisms and Baroque were originated in europe. Baroque and Realism both share a lot of the same details
and clarity which allow them to share different messages but similar meanings. The DIFFERENCES- is
baroque is being shared around religion and Realism in being centered around tent and simplicity. tHE
baroque style wa svery religious as the Realsims style was more secular and worldly. Realsims occurred in
the 18th and 19th century as Baroque occurred in the 16th. ​http://zackzeller1.edu.glogster.com/false
4. In the space below, create a simple line drawing that illustrates linear perspective with the vanishing point
as shown. (4 points)
​ Complete the following sentence using the terms ​horizon line, ​perspective lines, and ​vanishing points. (6
To establish linear perspective, an artist . . ​.​The creation of linear perspective is attributed to Filippo he
created the perspective in 1377-1446 when he painted, the Linear perspective was to help re create
geometry. The Horizon line was used with sfumato. Chiaroscuro used vanishing points illusions and
perspective lines in his famous arts.
6. Complete the table by listing each step of an art critique. (8 points)
I feel like the art
What do you see? What is the composition? What do you feel?
makes me see
what they feel
and the artist is
giving you the
same feeling
when you see
there art.
The artist is
Sfumato his art
is very
Who is the artist? What is the title? What medium is used?
interesting i am
in love with the
medium that is
used the
when it is dark
to light. The
thoughts that
were traveling
through in mind
when it was
created were
The art is
What is the artist trying to communicate? What is this art related
related to
stomato and
also chiaroscuro
The artist could
be trying to
his or her
feelings art can
be used to
signal different
things or
feelings which is
why i love art.
Whatever the
artistry is
wishing you to
feel you will feel
in the painting.
The art is very
Do you like it?
fascinating to
my eye i love
looking at the
details the artist
had in mind
because when i
look at art i think
this is what the
artist was
feeling at the
time this is their
master piece so
i really
appreciate the
work of art.
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