The Selling Process Chapter 13

The Selling Process
Chapter 13
The Selling (Sales) Process
• A step by step process a salesperson
uses to help customers reach buying
decisions & ensure satisfaction.
7 Steps of the Selling Process
1. Prepare to sell
2. Approach the customer &
establishing relationships
3. Determine customer needs
4. Prescribe solutions & present
the product
5. Overcome objections
6. Close the sale
7. Reaffirm buyer-seller
1. Preparing to Sell
Acquire product knowledge
Identify features & benefits
Generating sales leads
Prepare a sales presentation
2. Approaching the Customer &
Establishing Relationships
• Put the customer at ease
by setting the mood or
• Encourage customers to
want to hear about the
• Gain customer confidence
• Create favorable
What your mother said is true . . .
You never get a
second chance to
make a first
Methods for the initial approach:
• Service Approach Method
– Ask if assistance is needed.
• “How may I help you?”
• Greeting Approach Method
– Salesperson welcomes the customer &
establishes a positive atmosphere.
• “Good morning.”
• Merchandise Approach Method
– Let the customer look around. When they show
interest in a product, make a comment or ask a
3. Determining Customer Needs
Ask customer questions
Listen to their needs & wants
Observe customer reactions
Analyze customer reactions & comments
4. Prescribing Solutions &
Presenting the Product
• Offer solutions based on diagnosed
customer needs
• Show limited number to avoid confusion
• Sell the benefits of the product
• Present the product & demonstrate
features that best satisfy customer needs
• Concentrate on main item of interest to
close the sale
5. Overcome Objections
• Objection – A question or concern raised by
customers after they have been shown a product.
• Identify customer objections
• Address specific concerns
• Put the customer at ease by specifically
answering their concerns
6. Close the Sale
• Look for signals that the customer is
ready to buy
• Ask the customer for their business
• Handle procedures to finalize the sale
7. Reaffirm Buyer-Seller
• Help customers feel confident with their
• Follow up after time to assure customer
• Provide all contact info. for problems
• Suggestion Selling – Often can suggest
other products that compliment main
purchase. (i.e. buy socks after the
purchase of shoes)
Selling Acronym
People (Prepare)
Are (Approach)
Nice (Needs)
So (Solutions)
Open (Objections)
Closed (Close)
Rooms (Relationships)