Banking & Financial Services Public Relations Unit Lesson 11.1

Banking & Financial Services
Public Relations Unit
Lesson 11.1
Read page 296-7
Open a WORD document to answer questions about the reading.
1. Define public image.
2. Why does a bank want to create a public image?
Read page 298-9
3. Define public relations.
4. To whom are public relations activities addressed?
5. Why do you think a bank needs to be cautious and careful in creating its public image?
6. What is the public image of the Viking Independent Bank?
Lesson 11.2
Read the introduction on page 301
7. What did Peters and Waterman learn from large, profitable companies in relation to their
8. Define customer service.
Read pages 302-305
9. What do most customers want when dealing with a bank? List all eight and give a description of
the service.
10. What wisdom did Sam Walton share about customers?
11. List the seven inappropriate behaviors given in the book.
12. When you have made a mistake with a customer, what are the best responses?
Lesson 11.3
Read pages 307-312.
13. Define marketing.
14. Define market segmentation.
15. Define target market.
16. List and explain the four guidelines for selecting the target market.
17. Define social responsibility.
18. Define advertising.
19. Define direct marketing.
20. Define cybermarketing.
Banking & Financial Services
Public Relations Unit
Public Relations Project
Think about Public Relations and the Viking Independent Bank.
You will create a power point to address the Public Relations associated with the Viking Independent
Bank. You are the Public Relations Executive for the VIB. You are going to analyze the current image of
the VIB and design a plan to improve the image to our target audience.
How does the VIB create image? What is the VIB image among the students of the high school?
Using the six steps on page 297, complete each step for the VIB.
Design a PR program using the bullets on page 298 to guide your planning.
Create employee policies (do’s and don’ts) for students of the VIB to follow that will maximize
our public relations image at the RCSHS.
Create a year-long marketing plan for the Viking Bank, with at least one event each tri-mester.
Give very detailed instructions for the plan and the promotions involved. You could submit one
bulletin board idea for your plan (good for one of the three events). You will need to sketch the
bulletin board idea on paper.
There are many promotional avenues for the bank (posters in hallway, brochures given to
students, face book, twitter, web page, etc.) Describe at least three ways that you believe
would be effective for promoting the school bank to students and parents.
Be prepared to share your power point with the class.