Warner Upper Elementary School
By Ms. Koperski & Mrs. Jahnke
We have three Viking Values here at
Warner that will help make our school
a place we love to learn and grow—
RESPECT! In order to learn how to
do things The Warner Way, we will
discuss one value at a time. Now that
you have learned about safety and
respect, let’s talk about
responsibility. 
Enter and exit through the
appropriate doors.
– Where do you enter when you bring
your lunch? Buy your lunch?
Keep all food in the cafeteria.
Clean up after yourself.
Be prepared by knowing your
student number or having your cash
– What happened the first day of school when
people did not know their lunch code?
Give your best effort.
Be prepared by bringing all necessary
materials and completed assignments.
– What materials should you ALWAYS have with
you in the classroom?
– What strategies do you have to help you
become responsible for your assignments?
Follow all staff directions the first time.
Take care of your personal belongings
and clean up after yourself.
Responsible Vikings…
Write down all assignments. (Don't rely only on
your memory!).
Write down the date the assignment is due. Make
sure it is correct.
Ask questions about any confusing parts of the
assignment. Be sure you understand what your
teacher expects from you.
Make sure they understand the purpose of the
assignment before they leave the classroom.
Make sure they have all the materials they need to
bring home for the assignment. Classrooms will not
be open after school hours!
Thank you for turning this
in ON TIME! I can tell this
is really your best work,
Is this student demonstrating our Viking
Is this student
our Viking Value,
Go directly to your approved
– Why is this important?
Report problems to a staff member.
– Who can you alert to a problem?
Keep the hallway tidy.
Self-monitor your behavior when
you are in the hallway alone.
– What does “self-monitor” mean?
Examine the Scenario
You are walking down the hall and find
someone’s assignment planner on the
floor. What would a responsible Viking
You are walking down the hall and find
crumpled up paper on the floor. What
would a responsible Viking do now?
Flush the toilet
when you are
Report graffiti,
damage, or
disturbances to a
staff member.
Throw all trash in
the garbage cans.
Report all problems to the nearest
staff member.
Follow established procedures.
– What is your recess procedure?
Put away all materials when you are
Be sure to be in the correct recess
location at the correct times.
Report all problems to a staff
 Get to your bus stop on time.
 Get on the correct bus, and
get off at the correct stop.
– Do you know your bus route???
Walk to your assigned area at arrival:
– 5th = cafeteria
– 6th = commons area
Make sure you are in your classroom,
ready to learn by the second bell (8:10).
Wait until you are dismissed by both the
announcements and your teacher before
you leave your classroom at the end of
the day.
Be sure you have all your materials and
assignments before you get to class and
before you go home.
– How will these expectations for
responsibility benefit ALL Vikings?
– How are you being a responsible Viking
this school year?
– What is a responsibility expectation that
YOU need to work on the most?
– How will being responsible help you in
the future?