Review Article 45 Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

Review Article 45
Goodison, T. A. 2002. Learning with ICT at primary level: Pupils’ perceptions. Journal of
Computer Assisted Learning, 18 (3), 282-295.
This article investigates the UK primary school children’s awareness of the linkage between ICT and
the way they learn within the context of a school that has been particularly successful in integrating
ICT into the curriculum. Pupils were interviewed by their teacher and, extracts from the dialogue,
identify examples of good practice. Results of the study illustrates that ICT can make contributions to
the promotion of independent learning. This study also raises a number of specific issues with regard
to those primary schools in the UK that are already well down the road of ICT integration like teachers
need more time to acquire greater competence in a broad range of applications in order to extend into
the domain of ICT the mutual trust that exists between themselves and their pupils; the idea of
particular software tools being suited to particular tasks has important implications for the
development of pupils’ metacognitive awareness.
Primary/Elementary education; Qualitative; England.
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