CURRICULUM VITEA Name: Pushpa Mandal

Pushpa Mandal
Present Posting
Associate Professor, Department of Elementary
Education, NCERT, New Delhi.
Educational Qualification
M A (Bengali Literature): 1991; First class, Ranchi University
PhD (Education); 1993, Patna University
Professional Qualification:
B. Ed ;( 1982), First class; M.Ed. (1984) Second Class, Department of Education, Patna
Details of Published Work, including Books, Articles, Monographs and papers etc.
Author of the Book
1 “Ashram Schools in Action,” Rajat Publication, 2000, New Delhi – 11002.
Strategic Intervention for Accelerating Development in Jharkhand – Shree
Haldhar Press, Ranchi, Jharkhand, 2010.
Articles : .
“Difficulties of Tribal Children in Teaching-Learning Hindi”, in Bharatiya
Adhunic Shiksha, NCERT Publication.
(made a presentation in the National Workshop organized by Department of
Language ,NCERT, New Delhi)
“Role of Kasturbha Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya in the Educational
Development of Secheduled Tribe Girls in Jharkhand”, published in the
Journal of Indian Education, NCERT Publication
“Shikhsa Wahee Jo Andhkaar Se Parkash Kee Aur Le Jaye”, in Sewa Surbhi,
publication of Sewa Bharti, Jharkhand
“Jan Jagriti – Chunotiyan” published in Sewa Surbhi by Sewa Bharti,
Paryavaran Adhayan – Ek Naya Upagam, published in Primary Teacher,
NCERT, New Delhi
“Organizing Language Activities at Primary Stage” Primary Teacher
NCERT, New Delhi
“NFE- Reaching them who could not reach the School,” Primary Teacher,
Vol. XXIV. NCERT, New Delhi
5. Presentation of Papers
1. ‘Difficulties of Tribal Children in Teaching-Learning Hindi”, in the
context of Jharkhand’, Bharatiya Adhunik Shiksha, NCERT
(Made a presentation in the National Workshop organized by
Department of Language, NCERT, New Delhi)
2. ‘Utility of Innovations at Primary Level in Global Context’,(Made a
presentation in the National Research Seminar (2011) , organized by
Rajasthan Shikshak Prashikshan Vidyapith, sponsored by UGC.
Book Review
‘Teaching –Learning Strategies’, Editors-Manju Sharma and Reetu Sharma.
A Alpha Publication, 2007, to be published in the forthcoming issue of
Journal of Indian Education,NCERT, 2011
‘Janjatiya Shiksha – Jwalant Samsayein’, by Prof.N.K. Ambasht, published
in Bharatiya
Adhunic Shiksha, NCERT Publication
6. Research Projects Completed
1. National Research project titled, “Multilingual Education Programme in Orissa”, from
MHRD, funded by Technical Support Group under the MOU between MHRD and DFID,
an International Agency, UK.(contributed as a team member)
2. Programme Evaluation of, ‘Teacher Training on English’ (Spoken Language),
Karnataka, is in progress.(involved as a team member)
3. “An Impact study of Kasturva Gandhi
Developments of Tribal children in Jharkhand”.
4. A study on, ‘Functioning of SC&ST Hostels of Boys and Girls, in the States of
Chhatisgarh, Gujrat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh’.
5. An Exploratory Study on the “Learning and Developmental Needs of Less Privileged
Children”, New Delhi.
6. Study on, “Impact of Photovoltaic Program on the Life of Tribal People of Jharkhand “.
7. Friends of Tribal Society – Jharkhand, A Case Study
8. ‘A Case Study of NGOs (Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharastra, Nagaland, West Bengal)
involved in implementing Innovative and Experimental Projects under Grant – in- Aid
Scheme of , MHRD, Govt.of India.
9. Research titled, “A Status Study of SCERTs/SRCs in the field of NonEducation and Alternative Schooling”
7. Development
1. ‘Guidelines for Special Training of Children for Their Admission in Age
Appropriate Grades', under Provision 4, Chapter II of RTE Act 2009, is in the process of
2. Training Material titled, “Prashikshan Sandarshika” for Education Volunteers working in
EGS & AIE programme under SSA. (Printed),a NCERT Publication
3. Handbook on “Academic Guidelines for Authors/ Curriculum planners to develop
Textual Material for NFE (erstwhile) and AS prgramme at Upper Primary Level in the
areas of Mathematics, Language, Science, Social science, Physical and Health Education.
4. Developed three Primers namely, Hal Phasal, Nai Subha and Khilte Phool, under the
project, “Learners Specific Materials for Street and Working Children”, for three
different categories of learners under Alternative Schooling.
5. Guidelines for Empowering Teachers through in-service Training Programme
Primary and Upper Primary Level under SSA in Agartala, Tripura.
1. Planed and organized a number of Training and Orientation Progarmmes for Capacity
Building and Skill Development with regard to implementation of SSA activities of the
senior faculties of SCERTs/ SIEs and DIETs at National & State Level.
2. Organized several National Workshops for capacity building of senior functionaries of
Non-Government Organizations with regard to quality improvement of academic
achievements of children in the learning centres under Experimental and Innovative
Projects of MHRD Scheme.
Attended and participated in various International seminars/ Workshops organized by
various International Agencies, Govt. and Non Govt., such as UNESCO,UNICEF,
Commonwealth of Learning, Canada, World Food Programme, Primary and Mass
Education Division of Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Dhaka
Ashiyana Mission and NGO in Bangladesh working for Development of Primary
Education in Bangladesh.
Contribution in the above seminars and workshops included:
As a group leader, made the presentation of the Country Paper, development of Theme
Paper and Future Action Plan Document. Planned and developed need based and local contextual
teaching- learning material for the targeted group.
10. Activities during deputation to Welfare Department, Govt. of Jharkhand
1. While serving as Deputy Director, in Tribal Welfare Research Institute(TWRI),
Ranchi, Jharkhand, completed a number of Research Projects on various aspects of
tribal development, such as, Socio-economic, educational, cultural and other issues
and concerns as and when directed by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt.of India.
2. As Chief Academic Editor brought out the yearly journal of TWRI during the period.
3. Planned and organized National Seminar as Programme Director, for senior faculties
of TWRI from M.P., Rajasthan, Orissa and Jharkhand.
4. Planned and organized a number of Orientation Training Programmes as a
Coordinator for Block Welfare Officers and Block Agriculture Officers on art,
culture, fair and festivals, traditions, life and living of Tribal community.
5. While serving as Joint Secretary (Project, in Jharkhand State Tribal Cooperative
Development Corporation, Ranchi, planned and developed a number of projects on
income generating activities and Educational Development for the welfare of STs,
Minorities, Handicapped and Safai Karmacharies, who are in below poverty line and
living in remote rural areas of Jharkhand. Made special efforts for implementation of
the projects to meet the requirements of the beneficiaries for poverty aliviation.
11. Teaching Experience
1. Three years of teaching experience in MA in Rural Development and Post Graduate
Diploma in Rural Development at IGNOU Study Centre Ranchi, as one of the
Academic Counselors.
2. Contributed as a Guide in completing a number of Projects undertaken by students of
MARD and PGDRD, IGNOU Study Centre, Ranchi.
3. Three years teaching experience in Women’s Training Collage (B.Ed), Ranchi,
4. Twelve years of teaching experience in Secondary and Senior Secondary schools in
1. Associated as a member in the Grant-in-Aid Committee of Jharkhand Education
Project Council (JEPC), the State Project Office of SSA and in the State Resource
Group to oversee the policy, planning, implementation and monitoring of all
interventions of JEPC, like institutional arrangement, curriculum development,
pedagogical improvement, teacher training, education for children living in difficult
circumstances etc.
2. Attended and participated in various National Workshop on “Planning Process for
Annual Work Plan and Budget under SSA as team member as and when directed by
MHRD, held in different States (Mizoram, J&K, Jharkhand, Tripura and Kolkata}.
3. Presented a research based paper on “Difficulties in Teaching and Learning Hindi
among Schedule Tribe Children”, (Jharkhand) in the national seminar organized by
NCERT, New Delhi.
4. Presented a paper on, “Networking of National Open School with Voluntary
Organizations working for Street and Working Children”, in an international seminar
organized by NIOS and Commonwealth of Learning, Canada.
5. Undertaken field visits to various states for supervision and monitoring of educational
projects under EGS&AIE implemented by different NGOs as and when directed by
MHRD, New Delhi.
Since joining NCERT in 1996, served in the Department of Elementary Education. Besides
these activities mentioned above, contributed as department’s representative in various
workshops, seminars for planning and development of curriculum and text books, review of text
books at elementary level, as and when required by different states.
Dr. Mrs.Pushpa Mandal